Everyone, all at once!

You’re such a bitch.

Why are you over reacting?

You’re always so miserable.

Why does she freak out like that?

I’m beginning to make sense of it. Show some damn compassion. But I don’t know how. Can you please just show some sympathy? 

You’re so cold hearted. Am I? Identity crisis. You’re wicked. Okay. I feel abandoned. How can anyone love someone they can so easily paint evil? Question everything, always. Trust no one. I’m such a bitch. I become the persona. I am evil. I am wicked. I play the part.

I love you deeply. I idolize you, please love me back. I hate you. You mean nothing to me. Identity crisis.

Everything is black and white, forget the gray area. I have no room for understanding. I’m just joking. It’s not funny. Learn to take a fucking joke. Identity crisis.


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