Champagne Supernova

It’s snowed and everything is bright. My mood is like the sun, bright, fiery and consuming.

My impulsivity will have a hefty body count. I’ll move through my life like the Tasmanian Devil, buildings will collapse in my wake.

My promiscuity will poke up her lovely head, doffing my usual malaise uniform. She’ll bat her long eyelashes and blow a deep, cherry red kiss.

I feel the impending adventure, the whirlwind that is my audacity. Bold, brazen and impertinent, I thrust myself into the front seat of this rollercoaster. Try and stop me now.


Hurricane on the Horizon

This episode clings to me like a child afraid of losing its loved one. It’s steel grip burns my wrists like a violent game of red rover. I ache for any shred of normalcy, is today the day?

There’s a fog laying heavy on my brain, the beady eyes of my demons reflect the only light in my dark, cavernous mind. Each one of them hungry and ravenous, threatening to tear me apart.

The sun rises and the sky is painted red. The storm has not passed, the storm is yet to come.


Slow motion circles, dizzy and afraid. I’m spiralling out of control. My muscles atrophy, my heart slows. The sound of a pill bottle, shaken not stirred. Dance with me in the darkness, spin me and sway.

I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. Insanity bangs around my skull, the war drums sound. Overwrought and frenzied, my slow hands grasp at you. Someone save me.


Crack my porcelain surface, reach the dark beneath. Slip your fingers into my soul, pull me closer. Make me foggy, make me forget.

I’m on the edge, push me over. Grab my hand and pull me under. You’re a siren’s call, dark beacon to the broken hearted.

I’m dancing with the devil, it feels so good.

You’re torture.

Prick me with the tip, I want to feel the heat of the wound, the rest of my body cold. Draw slowly, cut me sweetly.

Burn me alive, scatter the ashes. Draw and quarter me, hang me with silk. Carve my throat, passionately strangle.

Leave me in ruins, baby.